Ulduar Ring of Law Hall of Fame

Below are the Top 5 Groups during the Ulduar Phase for the Ring of Law

Overall Best Players in Ring of Law:

1st - Frost
2nd - Peepeepoopoo
3rd - Kurny
4th - Skeez
5th - Copium

Ring of Law





Skeez Kurny Peepeepoopoo Frost Copium 738302614
Skeez Kurny Lover Negus Rzxp 371751816
Peepeepoopoo Copium Zephyr Rzxpr Polack 34540166
Doct Peepeepoopoo Frost Wissky Pumpieprot 329801819
Frost Zeph Biometrix Frauenfeind Pumpieprot 289031611

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