Raids & Dungeons has multiple systems in place for raids and dungeons that offers scaled gameplay in groups or solo play. With scaled instances, the difficulty adjusts according to your party size. Loot is also adjusted to match with more difficult levels offering higher rewards.


Raid and Dungeon details based on difficulty and group sizes.

Raid Information:

  • No lockouts type: .i u all command (clears all locks)
  • Raids continue to scale per person, example 20 players would scale as 20 players.
  • Full groups for raids/dungeons will be as they are normally.
  • Raids before (icc/rs 25man) are solo scale and also scale per person at a lower rate.

Raid Scaling:

Raid: 10 Players:
25 Players:
Trial of the Crusader 1
Trial of the Crusader: Heroic 1
VOA ICC Toravon Boss 1
Icecrown Citadel 1
Icecrown Citadel: Heroic 7
Ruby Sanctum 5
Ruby Sanctum: Heroic 5

Mythic Dungeons & Raids

Our custom end-game content for those who want a challenge with the highest rewards.

Mythic Information:

  • Use the 'Mythic Plus Teleporter' NPC
  • Take your preferred quests.
  • Use Random Dungeon Finder (RDF) to join a starter group.
  • Create a pre-made group to start higher level dungeons.

Solo Raids

These raids flex scale lower per person than the end-game raids. Some classes will be better/faster than others at solo content.

Raid Information:

  • No lockouts type: .i u all command (clears all locks)

Available Raids for Solo:

Raid: Solo:
Naxxramas Yes
10 Players: Normal
Obsidian Sanctum Yes
10 Players: Normal
Eye of Eternity Yes
10 Players: Normal
Ulduar Yes
10 Players: Normal
Onyxia Yes
10 Players: Normal
Vault of Archavon (Toravon Excluded) Yes
10 Players: Normal
Trial of the Crusader Yes
10 Players: Normal
Icecrown Citadel
10 Players: Normal

Timewalking Raids

Quests to go back in time and visit scaled up level 80 TBC/Classic dungeons with rewards.

Raid Information:

  • No lockouts type: .i u all command (clears all locks)
  • Speak with Dr. Emmet Brown in the starter area.
  • Take your preferred quests and use the portals.
  • Enter and run the raids as normal to complete the quests.

New Player Guide!

Check out our guide for new players, giving you a brief overview of our content. Follow the steps for optimized gameplay and our currencies.

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Regular dungeons by travel or using Random Dungeon Finder (RDF)

Dungeon Information:

  • No lockouts type: .i u all command (clears all locks)
  • Soloable Content
  • Scale from 1 - 5 players.
  • Check for daily and weekly quests in the starter zone.

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