Mythic+ Dungeons has a custom Mythic+ system designed around WoTLK dungeons and beyond. This gives a new experience and ever increasing challenges. Below you can find all the information related to Mythic+ dungeons and the timers required to beat them.


Mythic Information:

  • Completing mythic dungeon rewards mythic coins and more.
  • Mythic coins can be used to buy the current raid tier items.
  • Mythic dungeons need a group of 5 players.
  • Affix's change around daily.
  • Key system, you will receive a key for the next dungeon when completed which can be re-rolled at a cost.

Mythic Dungeons have levels:

  • A higher-level mythic dungeon provides greater rewards.
  • Each level, enemies gain an affix (see below) and deal more damage and have higher health pools.

Starting a Mythic Dungeon:

  • Group leader types .mythic
  • Teleport to the dungeon.
  • Mythic dungeons need a group of 5 players.
  • Group leader selects the npc and chooses the level.


Our custom end-game content for those who want a challenge with the highest rewards.

Mythic Information:

  • Rewards include a key for the next mythic dungeon.
  • Rewards are based on the level and time you complete a dungeon in.
  • Mythic reward timers: bronze, silver & gold timer.


These are the current affixes found within mythic dungeons and raids. At certain levels the dungeon gains an "affix"  making the dungeon a lot more challenging!

Name: Description:
Bursting Each Non-boss enemy killed causes all players to take 16% of their max health for 3 seconds.
Explosive Periodically, the ground trembles, dealing 24000 damage in an small area after 4 seconds.
Fiery Orb
Bosses spawn a fiery orb every 18 seconds, which periodically damages all players unless killed.
Replication Non-boss enemies have a chance to summon an Arcane Aberration which divides into 5 small aberrations.
Necrotic Overflow
Periodically Non-boss enemies damage nearby players.
Resisting Boss enemies have 30% increased health.
Frenzy Non-boss enemies get in frenzy under 30% health, which increases nearby enemies attackspeed by 33%.
Lich Kings Blessing
Non-boss enemies periodically become infused with the Lich Kings Blessing. Infused enemies have 75% reduced movement speed, but deal 150% more physical damage, 50% more magic damage and have 100% more attack speed.
Eonars Trial
Periodically, Eonar tests your group. If you fail to heal her Tree of Life within 5 seconds, all players get feared.
Beacon of Hope
Periodically, a random player will be assigned your party’s Beacon of Hope. Any player not in range of the Beacon of Hope after 7 seconds will fall into despair causing them to become stunned for 6 seconds.
Demonic Gateway
Periodically, a demonic gateway will open up and a random demon will assault your group.
Frozen Orb
Bosses spawn a frozen orb every 25 seconds, which periodically damages all players unless killed.
Periodically, a random overload will spawn. Run away from the player it has targeted or prepare for oblivion!
Periodically, a random lightning cloud will spawn. Run away from the player it is flying above!
Frost Tomb
Boss enemies randomly select a target and encase it within a Frost Tomb, destroy the tomb to release your ally!
Volatile Infection
Boss enemies randomly select a target and infect it, run away from that player or prepare to die!
Angel of Death
Periodically, a random Angel of Death will Spawn. Dispell him or prepare to die!

Dungeon Timers

Timers for all Mythic+ dungeons and raids are shown below. Beat the timers to gain the best rewards possible for each tier.


Gold Time

Silver Time

Bronze Time

Onyxias Lair00:19:0000:24:4200:30:24
The Slave Pens00:20:0000:26:0000:32:00
Sethekk Halls00:20:0000:26:0000:32:00
The Botanica00:20:0000:26:0000:32:00
Obsidian Sanctum00:24:0000:31:1200:38:24
Auchenai Crypts00:13:0000:16:5400:20:48
The Mechanar00:18:0000:23:2400:28:48
Scarlet Monastery00:20:0000:26:0000:32:00
Stormwind Stockade00:20:0000:26:0000:32:00
Trial of The Champion00:20:0000:26:0000:32:00
Violet Hold00:21:0000:27:1800:33:36
Shadowfang Keep00:21:0000:27:1800:33:36
Blood Furnace00:21:0000:27:1800:33:36
Drak'Tharon Keep00:21:0000:27:1800:33:36
Forge of Souls00:22:0000:28:3600:35:12
Utgarde Keep00:24:0000:31:1200:38:24
Pit of Saron00:25:0000:32:3000:40:00
Halls of Reflection00:25:0000:32:3000:40:00
The Steamvault00:26:0000:33:4800:41:36
Utgarde Pinnacle00:27:0000:35:0600:43:12
The Oculus00:29:0000:37:4200:46:24
Hellfire Ramparts00:30:0000:39:0000:48:00
Razorfen Kraul00:30:0000:39:0000:48:00
The Culling of Stratholme00:31:0000:40:1800:49:36
Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom00:32:0000:41:3600:51:12
Wailing Caverns00:34:0000:44:1200:54:24
Magisters' Terrace00:36:0000:46:4800:57:36
Halls of Stone00:36:0000:46:4800:57:36
Halls of Lightning00:37:0000:48:0600:59:12
The Nexus00:38:0000:49:2401:00:48

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