We’ll be back soon!

Hello everyone, as you all know the last few days have been a bit hectic, and we've kept you in the dark while we tried to decide on the best course of action going forward with the server.

After some consideration, here is what we decided to go for :
- We are going to shutdown the server, revamp it, and reset progression.
- The server will stay online until the 24/10/2021, at 23:59 CEST, after this we will shut it down while we work on improving it. Use this time to save your talents, macros, UI's and everything.
- We will work internally on the server for what we hope to be a few weeks tops. Once we reached a quality we are satisfied with, we will announce a new release date.

* Will my characters be deleted ?
Yes, we will reset everything so everyone gets to enjoy a fresh start and compete on an even ground.

* Why go through a reset and not just improve the server ?
We are going to revamp the server on so many aspects and change so many things that it just wouldn't make sense to not reset progression, as gear, stats, how you acquire it and everything in between will be changed. It wouldn't be fair for any new player if we kept things as they are. Player count is low, and we believe the best chance for the server is to shut down entirely, clean and improve everything up, and start anew.

* What about donations ?
One month after the new release, we will credit all donators who donated more than 100 DP with points that will represent 50% of what they donated in the past.

* Why not refund me at the start ?
We do not want to introduce legendaries on day one of the reboot as this wouldn't be fair to newcomers, but we also do not want players who supported us in the past to feel robbed. We believe this to be a fair middle ground.

* So what is going to change exactly with that reset ?
You can find all informations regarding the upcoming server revamp in discord.
Sincerely, the entire Staff Team.

Contact us on Discord if you would like to provide feedback.

{Northrend} Team