Season 2 Released!
Unleash your Wrath!

Experience the ultimate WoTLK Private Server adventure with! Our unique blend of Blizzlike and Custom gameplay offers endless excitement and challenge. Take on custom mythic dungeons and raids, conquer scaling content, and unleash your wrath on enemies with our solo features. Join us now for the ultimate WoW experience!

Join our community on Discord for the latest announcements, updates & giveaways. We also have WoW integration so you can chat in game via Discord.

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Seasonal Realm

Our Seasonal Realm is Opening Soon! Join us Ingame & Discord! Click below for further information!

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Perk System & New Legendary Items!

Our New Perk System is now Live! Experience classes like never seen before in WoTLK! New Legendaries are also Avaliable from Raids.

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Ring of Law

End-game content offers intense challenges for skilled players, with unparalleled rewards for those who can survive and emerge victorious.

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Server Features

Just some of the unique features you can find at

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Mythic+ Dungeons & Raids

With 20+ mythic dungeons and raids available at scaling levels of difficulty. There is a ton of challenges to be conquered with competitive leader boards for the best times.

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Ring of Law

End-game PvE custom event designed to push 5-man groups to their limits. See how long you can survive the waves of enemies and affixes. This is a game of survival that requires focus, skill and planning.

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Custom Currency has 8 different currencies gained from various content. These replace the retail standard currencies that simplifies purchases. They can also be traded and exchanged.

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World Bosses

We have a number of custom world bosses that live outside the haven. You'll require a strong raid group to defeat them but the loot has the chance to give you end-game currencies.

Class Perks

Perks allow players to buff to a certain spell specific for their class. Ever heard of a Frost Mage competing with a Fire Mage in a Raid? You have now!

Our Team

Join us on the Discord server and get to know our dedicated team of staff members, each with their own unique responsibilities. We're always happy to connect with our community, so come say hello and ask us anything!

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Community Manager

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Senior GM

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Senior GM

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Senior GM

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Senior GM

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Recruit a Friend!'s RAF System is the perfect way to get rewarded while sharing the fun with your friends. Just recruit a friend to join you and you'll both receive great rewards. And the more friends you recruit, the more rewards you'll earn - it's as easy as that!