- Many Ingame Changes -
Check Our Discord Changelogs Here

- New Launcher -
New Faultless Launcher allowing players to update their client easily and ensure they are using the same version Download it now to prepare your game! - https://northrend.gg/launcher.zip

- New Website Design -
The Northrend.gg Staff have concentrated hard on our website to ensure that we have a fresh and professional experience, we know professionalism counts.

- New Branding -
The Northrend.gg Staff have created a new Logo & Theme to be used across all of our products / posts / advertisement.

- Soloable content (up to ICC10), including scaling raids for legacy content.
- Modified Flexible Raiding System with mechanics that change on player count.
- Heroic Ulduar & Naxxramas (Rewarding ICC25 Items)
- Mythic+ Dungeon System similar to Retail.
- 2x Mythic+ Raids (More to Come!)
- Mounts & Transmog downported from Retail, did someone say LONGBOI??
- Travel back In Time and Kill TBC / Classic raids scaled to ICC 25 Level
- Custom Reforging, Warforging & Transmog System.
- Casual options for Gearing.
- New Profession Leveling System.
- Account-wide Ways to Gear Your Alts.
- Get Wrathful Fast from Just Honor!
- Custom 1v1 Arenas.
- Instant 80.
- Everything is Crossfaction.

On top of all the raiding content, our new Mythic+ system is the perfect way to experience WoTLK like you never have before.
With 30+ dungeons, 2 raids (and growing) to try out, the possibilities of ways to enjoy the content has never been higher.

Contact us on Discord if you would like to provide feedback.

— Northrend Team —