Raid and Dungeons Scaling Information

September 4, 2021


No Lockouts type .i u all command clears all locks
10 & 25 man Flex scale starts from 5 for 10, 10 for 25
Raids continue to scale per person, example 20 players would scale as 20 players
Full groups for Raids/dungeons will be as they are normally.
Raids before (ICC/RS 25man) are solo scale and also scale per person at a lower rate


  • Trial of the Crusader Hc:      2+  for 10 Player,   2+  for 25 Player
  • Icecrown Citadel:                  1+  for 10 Player,  5+  for 25 Player
  • Icecrown Citadel Heroic:      5+ for 10 Player,   10+  for 25 Player
  • Ruby Sanctum:                      1+  for 10 Player,  5+  for 25 Player
  • Ruby Sanctum Heroic:          5+  for 10 Player,  10+  for 25 Player
  • VOA ICC Toravon Boss:        1+   for 10 Player,    5+  for 25 Player



These raids flex scale lower per person than the end-game raids
Some classes will be better/faster than others at solo content.

Obsidian Sanctum
Eye of Eternity
Vault of Archavon (Exception ICC Toravon 25man, not a solo boss)
TOC normal
ICC 10 man normal only 
RS 10 man normal only 



Quests to go back in time and visit scaled up to level 80 TBC/Classic dungeons with rewards



Scale from 1 to 5 Players


Mythic Dungeons Mythic Leaderboards

Timed dungeons with rewards and require 5 players  (based on mythic dungeons on retail)
Another good way to farm end game items!
Check the mythic vendor in-game
lower levels can be completed by a good duo combo or 2/3/+ players

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