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September 16, 2021


Blizzlike Server Skills with some extra legendary items / Warforging but nothing too overpowering. Quality of life items and scaled/solo raids.
Your gameplay experience will be blizzlike just hyperscaled a bit more

SET realmlist



Instant 80 or start from any level using the tokens from the starter gear vendor and choose your XP rate with  .xp set 1-10
World chat is /4 LFG ( English only please, unless you are guild recruiting)

Vote on the Website for Emblems/Coins
Equip gear, enchants/gems  (free hateful pvp gear or basic blue gear) check all vendors
Explore and get to know the starter zone vendors
If you do choose to start from a lower level use the transmog requester to gear up with hero coins

Start the 4 LEGENDARY QUEST lines for Shirt/Tabard/Weapon/cloak

Get geared for ICC/RS end game raiding + mythic challenges which are not solo
Professions 5x, some but not all mats available on the Auction house (farming still useful)
Mythic dungeons 5 players, high-end raid gear rewards
Warforging, Remember to Warforge your gear to make it stronger
Daily dungeon and raid quests
Solo Dungeons/raids for upgrades
Create Your own Raids/groups with players
Join/Create a Raiding Guild

in the starting area drops personal loot tokens buying end game items 
GURUBASHI ARENA! every hour updated to drop emblems/coins/quest item
MYTHIC DUNGEONS! designed for 5 players but lower levels can be completed by a good duo combo or 2/3+ players




No Lockouts type .i u all command clears all locks
Please see RAID INFORMATION page for more up to date on raids



Mythic Dungeons Mythic Leaderboards

Timed dungeons with rewards and require 5 players  (based on mythic dungeons on retail)
Another good way to farm current tier items!
Check the mythic vendor in-game




Free season 7 relentless pvp gear
Arena 1v1/2v2/3v3
Cross faction Battlegrounds
World PvP
Gurubashi Arena every hour!




Vote Store:
Remember to Daily vote for extra emblems, coins and more for Vote points to spend on the store!

Donation points:

Check the following link for Donation Perks:

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