Server Information

GENERAL INFORMATION is a blizzlike wow private server mixed with some Fun-Server features with extra legendary items / warforging / reforging but nothing too overpowering. Quality of life items & scaled/solo raids. Your gameplay experience will be blizzlike just hyper-scaled.

  • Instant 80
  • Spells & Starter Gear
  • PVP Gear
  • 5x Rep Professions
  • Crossfaction
  • Custom Coin System
  • Warforging
  • Reforging
  • Flex Raids & Solo Raids
  • Mythic 5-Man Dungeons
  • Shadowlands Mounts & Transmog
  • All races & Classes
  • Transmog System
  • Runs latest AzerothCore
  • DDOS, Cheat Protection, Data Backups

Instant 80 or start from any level using the tokens from the starter gear vendor and choose your xp rate with .xp set 1-10
world chat is /4 Lfg (English only please, unless youare guild recruiting)


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No lockouts type .i u all command clears all locks.


  • Timed dungeons with rewards - Requires 5-Players  (Based on mythic dungeons on retail)
  • Farm current tier items.
  • Mythic Vendor.
  • Lower levels can be done with less players in good gear.


  • Arena 1v1/2v2/3v3.
  • Cross Faction Battlegrounds.
  • PVP Island.
  • Special Currency rewarded for PvP participation.


Purchase time saving items & utilities, Legendary Items (Balanced Sets) & Currency to use in game.


Download our launcher which will download the correct Client + Custom Patches to get the best experience from

Vote daily for extra emblems, coins & more for points to spend on the store!


Join our Discord for the latest information & updates. We have a great community that will help and guide you, we offer support and lots of other fun features.


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