Ring Of Law Information


- 5 man PvE content, meant to be ran with a regular group composition (Tank - Healer - 3 DPS), and designed around endgame gear, meaning it's quite the challenge (though it can be started with less than 5 players).
- Start a new wave, get teleported inside the Ring of Law, and SURVIVE for successive rounds of 2 minutes, during which you will be facing nicely scripted mobs as well as 3 affixes
- There is a total of 12 affixes, and 3 are chosen at random every new round (affixes can be viewed directly from the menu for more info)
- There will always be a total of 3 mobs alive during the wave, with a new one spawning for every one you kill
- Mobs spawn at random around the arena, and jump straight into the fray ! You can have any combo of mobs from the 14 current mob pool
- Dying during a round will lock you out until the round ends or your group die
- The run ends when all group members are dead, or between rounds if you chose to end it yourself
- Surviving inside the arena and killing mobs contributes to your score ! The more rounds you complete, the more score you get
- Rewards are calculated based on your score at the end of the run
- For each death, you lose 500 points
- Everything scales as you progress through rounds. Mobs and affixes will do more damage and have more health, some timers for affixes will be shortened : it gets HARD