Releasing Friday June 23rd 2023

The Realm will be returning On Friday June 2023!
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The Realm be Back On Friday 23rd June 2023!

That said, this won't just be another reset ! This time, we're shaking things up and going seasonal, overhauling and improving on pretty much every single aspect of our server in the process, and we fully intend to raise the bar with every new season we'll make going forward !

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We expect Phases to be between 3-5 Weeks long depending on the content/progression of the realm and expect Seasons to last 6-7 Months. We are of course very open to changing those numbers based on the feedback we receive along the way, and shape the server to become the most enjoyable experience for our players !

Our first season is called Season of The Scourge and you can check it's Roadmap here:

If you need to you can always contact us on Discord otherwise we’ll be back online shortly!

Server Features is a blend of the best wow private servers have to offer : quality blizzlike scripting mixed with Custom features like carefully crafted and balanced legendary weapons, warforging and reforging, class perks, and many other features ! Quality of life features and items are also at the core of our philosophy and of course our dynamically scaled solo raids. Your gameplay experience will be blizzlike just hyper-scaled and enhanced!

Server Information

Instant 80 or start from any level using the tokens from the starter gear vendor and choose your xp rate with .xp set 1-10
World chat is /4 Looking For Group (English only please, unless you are guild recruiting)

Instant 80
Spells & Starter Gear
PVP BG's / Arena & Island
Activity Based Reputation
Custom Currencies
Flex & Solo Raids
Mythic 5-Man Dungeons
Shadowlands Mounts
All Races & Classes
Transmog System
Latest AzerothCore
Custom Events
World Bosses
DDOS & Cheat Protection
Data Backups

Currency System

Get ready for some epic loot hunting on Northrend! Our server features a range of custom currencies that can be earned through activities like PVP, raids, and daily quests. And the best part? You can use these currencies to score some seriously sweet gear and items. Plus, with our wide selection of mythic dungeons to tackle, there's always something new and challenging to conquer. Join us on Northrend and start collecting those currencies!

Hero's Coin

Northrend's base currency can be obtained from all activities on the server and can be used for transmog, gems, glyphs, enchants, and more.

Mythic Coin

Mythic coins on Northrend can be obtained from mythic+ content and other sources. They are used for higher level raid gear and warforging.

Mythic Relic

Mythic relics on Northrend can be collected from lower level mythics and used in special quests for great rewards.

PvP Island Token

PvP Island Tokens can be obtained from the hourly chest on pvp island and can be used to purchase items from vendors.

Future Crystal

Future Crystals on Northrend can be obtained through quests, events, and donations. They can be used at the Future Vendors for unique items.

Shadowfrost Shard

Shadowfrost Shards on Northrend are a rare currency required to purchase legendary weapons. Obtained from quests and higher level drops.

Donation Token

Donation tokens on Northrend can only be obtained from donating or events. They can be used for professions, rare blizz mounts, and other items.

PvP Mark Of Honor

PvP Mark of Honor is a currency that is earned by completing PvP quests and is used to purchase special PvP gear and other items from vendors.

Warforge & Reforging

Take your gear to the next level with Warforging! This powerful system upgrades your item's stats and item level, with each level requiring mythic coins to unlock. Don't miss out on the chance to boost your character's power. Unleash the full potential of your gear with Reforging! This unique system allows you to exchange stats with another, giving you complete control over your character's build.

  • Warforging upgrades your item's stats & item Level.
  • Costs mythic coins each level to upgrade.
  • Each item can be upgraded 5x each, to a maximum of 10 Item level.  (Doesn't affect trinket spell effects)
1 5  Mythic Coins
1 5  Mythic Coins
2 11  Mythic Coins
3 17  Mythic Coins
4 23  Mythic Coins
5 29  Mythic Coins
  • Reforging allows you to exchange stats with another.
  • Costs hero coins each item, Hero coins are from Bosses/Quests ingame.
  • Each Item Can Be Reforged Once.
  • For example; Reduce hit rating then you can add crit rating.

Wings Collection

The wings collection is a coveted set of cosmetic items that can only be obtained through the most challenging and epic of endeavors. Whether it be through braving the deadliest of mythic dungeons, conquering the toughest of raids, or emerging victorious in intense PvP battles, only the most dedicated and skilled players can hope to earn a set of these wings. With their intricate design and unparalleled appearance, these wings serve as a symbol of a player's mastery and achievement, and owning a set is a source of pride and accomplishment that few can claim.

PvP Island

PvP Island is a player-versus-player (PvP) area where players can battle each other in a free-for-all (FFA) format. The island is home to a variety of rare creatures that spawn on a regular basis, providing an added challenge for players as they fight for quest items and other rewards. One of the main attractions of PvP Island is the hourly epic chest, which contains valuable loot for players to claim. The intense PvP action and the chance to acquire valuable rewards make PvP Island a popular destination for players seeking a high-stakes, competitive experience.

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Retail Mounts

Many retail mounts have been converted to Wrath of the Lich King and are now available for players to own using Future Crystals. These majestic and powerful beasts are not only a symbol of the player's wealth and status, but also a testament to their bravery and determination in facing the dangers of the game world. Whether you are a seasoned adventurer or a newcomer to the game, owning one of these retail mounts is a truly unforgettable experience that will add excitement and epicness to your journey.

Sunwarmed Furline

Server Rules


The following are rules set forth by Staff for the Services provides.
Any attempt to break them will result in appropriate action against your in-game accounts.
Any user is subject to the same rules and breaking them will get them banned in the same way.

If you have an issue with the game or wish to report someone breaking the rules, create a ticket in-game.


This is really basic and "shouldn't" need further explanations. Players caught making use of cheat programs for example, to Speed Hack or Fly Hack (most common offenses), transmog weapons or armor of different types or other cheats, are banned from the server. Do not bother to appeal over a ban with the GM, as they will not discuss it. This is not acceptable, even if you are donator. It has no relevance when upholding the rules.


We prize for a fun environment for everybody, meaning all players should follow that philosophy If you don’t wish to have your gameplay disrupted by a GM intervention, just play nice and avoid ruining the gameplay of your fellow players. Below
are some examples of what you shouldn't do!Spam/Flood: Using colored text or big Icons in global channels is not allowed. Flooding it with repeated messages neither. Avoid it to avoid being muted or banned.

  • Spam/Flood: Using colored text or big Icons in global channels is not allowed. Flooding it with repeated messages neither. Avoid it to avoid being muted or banned.
  • Racism/Discriminatory Behavior: Avoid at all costs, insulting someone's country, culture, lifestyle or skin-color. Even if you are just "joking" it isn't allowed.
  • Slangs such as the n-word aren't allowed either, even in Guild chat. Don't blame guildies for reporting you. It's wrong and you should know that.Staff Impersonation: Pretending to be a Staff Member either to scam or threat someone is absolutely forbidden.
  • Disrupting gameplay: Using minor exploits or poorly designed parts of game mechanics to noticably interfere with other players' gameplay. Examples of such are: Resetting NPCs while other players joust with them on Argent Tournament and joining RDF only to idle and refuse to leave on your own to avoid the debuff.
  • This does not include playing according to game mechanics and game design like corpse camping in PvP enabled zones, which is not punishable.


Multiboxing is allowed in PvE situations only, any player(s) caught doing so within PvP will expect an account ban. Multi-boxing the world boss without helping is against the rules.


This may take many forms, but all of them are obvious. If you are profiting of any in-game advantage that shouldn't be happening normally, its a bug exploit and the fault for abusing it is yours and whoever is doing it with you. Don't blame the Server, GM's or Developers for it, as it will only get things worse for you. Some examples of bug exploiting:

  • No Auto clicking Mat profession Bots (Mining bots herb bots etc etc)
  • Selling boss loot to players from outside of the original raid: Do not invite players to the raid only to get loot in exchange of anything.
  • PvP in Sanctuary: People shouldn't be able to attack others in Sanctuaries, like Argent Grounds and the entrance of Forge of Souls/Pit of Saron instances. Forcing it through magic is not acceptable.
  • Avoiding the AFK kick mechanism in Battlegrounds: Do not join Battlegrounds if you aren't willing to help others to win. Using bots or anything else to keep you from being kicked by our anti-afk system is not allowed.
  • Exploiting Skills: If certain skills/spells can be used in an unusual way to exploit and create an unfair advantage over other players, avoid doing so.
  • Exploiting a Boss.

Other smaller Exploits such as:

  • Vehicle Exploits.
  • Leaving BG starter area before it starts.
  • Anything else that gives you advantage over others that abuse the normal system.
  • The use of bots (which includes fishing bots)

Most of these things can't be ban appealed, but you are welcome to try if you believe to be really innocent. The punishment may vary depending on severity of the situation.


There are four known methods to abuse of it:

  • MMR Dropping: Losing in arena on purpose to lower own MMR below normal value.
  • Honor Exploit: Allowing someone to kill you or let you kill his/her toon to get Honor points in locations where it can be done fast and deliberately is not allowed.
  • Wintrading: Arranged battles in order to profit of its prizes is highly forbidden leading to bans.
  • Arena Boosting: It is not allowed. neither paid or for free.
  • Besides it, no afking in BG’s, follow, botting etc. These are bad attitudes that may get your account suspended.


Acquiring someone's items or gold by misinformation or fraud is not tolerated. Should you be victim of an in game goods scam. C.O.D. mail scam: Attempting to scam gold from players through the mail system is not acceptable. "Casinos": Creating in game casinos to let people roll for gold or other in game good is forbidden. Those games end up most of the time as scams and are therefore forbidden.


Only official website which allows donations can be used to purchase services via Coins or Points. We don't allow any trade of virtual goods for real money be it through discord, chats, game or via 3rd party software.


Do understand that simply using the word 'donor' doesn't constitutes donor bashing. The act of donating or the fact donors exist shouldn't be insulted or attacked - you are playing on a free server because of them. Simple teasing a donor isn't donor bashing, although it can easily build up to common harassing if you push it.

If you are going to insult someone, please refrain from saying anything related to donators, the fact of the user has donated, got exclusive gear or anything that can slightly be related to donations in general. The only one who will be framed is you. No excuse will be accepted. Also, Donators CAN be punished for donor bashing. As stated on the top, the rules are valid to everybody.

Remember: Donors allow our realms to continue to be free-to-play. Be thankful.

Breaking the rules below will earn you a Permanent / IP Ban.


This is mostly to avoid scams. If you are caught trying to sell, buy, trade or give away your(s) accounts, be it via whisper, guild chat, discord or any global channels, expect to lose your account for good, along with all accounts shared by your IP. Remember that you are fully responsible for any action under your account. If your brother, friend, or anyone else took control of your account and broke the Account Trading rule you will be the only one to blame.


If you don't like the Server, you are free to leave anytime without insulting us. Disrespecting the server or a Staff Member just because you are in a bad mood, found a bug or have your character killed is not acceptable. Playing in bad mood is already a wrong thing to do. Do not expect forgiveness if you are caught insulting the Server or any of its Staff Members. This is valid anywhere, not just when talking directly to a Staff member. If you have any complaints about a staff member, feel free to send a private message to his/her superior. There is no need to open a public thread for it.


Do not announce other server names anywhere, be it via whisper, guild chat or any global channels. Do not mention their names even for the sake of comparisons or criticizing. Advertising other servers, sites, hacking programs or third-party programs etc. is highly forbidden. Do not try to work like a licensed employer. If you open a site to donate for people (even if they cannot donate) you will still be breaking the rules.

Looking for something more?

Come chat with us in Discord if you would like more details or support.